Dental anesthesia types


 Local Anesthetics


Of all the different anesthetic and sedation options available, local anesthetics – like Novocain – are the fastest acting, the mildest, and the closest thing to a topical solution as you’ll find in the dental surgery world.


Small amount of a numbing chemical will be injected into your gumline around your teeth. Inside of a couple of minutes the area will feel completely numb, blocking all pain signals and sensations.


Conscious Sedation Solutions


The overwhelming joy of conscious sedation solutions are available as an orally consumed, a medication that you’ll take just ahead of your surgical procedure. This medicine is going to make you feel as though you are in a dreamlike state, feeling a bit groggy and sort of “out of it”. This is particularly useful for those that suffer from severe dental phobias and anxieties but do not want to be totally “knocked out”.


Laughing Gas


Nitrous oxide has always been a popular option for dental professionals, providing patients with an opportunity to breathe a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen that instantly relaxes you, puts your mind at ease, and generally makes you feel happy and content.


On top of that, this combination of gases also works to dull pain sensations almost completely. The effects start to wear off almost immediately after you stop breathing in this gas, too. This is a big benefit for those that don’t want to walk around with a numbed up mouth from local anesthetics.


IV Sedation


Intravenous sedation solutions work very quickly, provide similar results to conscious sedation, and are used almost exclusively to help those dealing with dental fears and dental phobias. These kinds of solutions are usually used in concert with local anesthetics to deal with pain while the IV sedation solution handles the anxiety.


General Anesthesia


General anesthesia is what most people commonly associate with traditional surgical procedures, a medical intervention that essentially “knocks you out” and allows you to drift off completely throughout the entirety of your Novato Oral Surgery procedure.


You’ll sleep right through your surgery with no pain, no stress, and certainly no anxiety and will wake up afterwards with no memory of the procedure, either.



At the end of the day, the professionals at Novato Oral Surgery understand exactly how to recommend the right sedation and anesthesia solutions for your specific needs.


These professionals have a tremendous amount of experience helping patients just like you better navigate these often times challenging, stress inducing, and sometimes painful surgical procedures with the right solutions to avoid those issues entirely.


surgery  is minor and does not require general or regional anesthesia

the procedure can be done quickly and the patient does not need to stay overnight

the operation does not need the muscles to be relaxed or for the patient to be unconscious


Oral surgery, especially when anesthesia is used, can be an intimidating prospect for many people. However, when it is administered by a trained and certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon, anesthesia is safe and helps relieve the anxiety and pain of oral surgery.


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